Our Future

The Trustees realise that to respond to the changing needs in our society we need to continually reassess the role of the centre to ensure it remains relevant to our community for many decades to come.

We need to provide new services and facilities to match, whilst ensuring our income covers the ever increasing cost of maintaining our land and buildings.

We have therefore embarked on a journey to improve the role the centre plays in the community and we are currently developing a vision for the future based on an open consultation. We aim to present the vision and staged plan for development at our AGM in 2019 prior to launching a long-term fund raising initiative.

Our objective is a self-sustaining centre of excellence that is a national role model. We invite anyone who would like to suggest ideas or comments to please contact us on [email protected].

Suggestions are already coming in from across the community and are scrolling on the right hand side of this page.